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Fernando Torres and girlfriend

Fernando Torres and girlfriend was spotted shopping in the city. What's with her scowl?

From Fizz

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28 Responses to “Fernando Torres and girlfriend”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    OMG im sorry but shes with one of the hottest footballers ever and she is lookin so miserable! why? She dnt exactly have anythin to be miserable about duz she? He cud do jst so much better than her n we luv u FERNANDO!!! xxx  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    OMGG Fernando Torres Is the fittest football player in Liverpool XXXXXXXXXXXXX  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    OMFG I am SOOOOO jealous of that girl!!!!!!!!!Wat's so special about her  any way......Who's wit me????WB  

  4. # Blogger amy

    yh she's pretty but he could do a lot better, she never smiles seriosly! luk at any picture of her n she's always sulking bout summet!! n he is soo hot!! x  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Just look at Christiano Ronaldo..just as sexy as Ferna,and he is dating with supermodels..maybe Ronaldo didn t have one "highschool sweeatheart"  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    OMG.. She's whit the hottest footballplayer in the world, an she don't even smile. What's wrong with her?
    Fernando could find someone better than her. She's not even pretty, and she look so angry all the time. In all the pictures there is of her.
    Torres, find a better one.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hey.. no man he is hot but his olalla isnt so look at that..

    1st she never laughs. Have you ever seen a picture with a smile? I didn’t. I think she could be so happy that she caught such a good looking and nice ( own experiences) man. She hasn’t look like a owl.
    2nd have you ever seen a pic where they kiss? Me not. Why ? I mean, they are together for such a long time and nobody photographed them? I don’t believe that. I mean it looks more like a brother sister relationship then a girl boyfriend.
    3rd she looks awful, disgusting and that shows not being perfect is also okey because even you are fat und ugly maybe one good looking guy will pick you.
    So there are possibilities, even they are not big, that Fernando torres may chose an other woman.
    Oh by the way. What on earth did the parents of Olalla think when they chosed her name? maybe nothing.

    Bye bye  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Israeli girl says:

    I just love Fernando, his girlfriend is boring.
    so happy spain won the euro :)
    I wish I could meet him.....

    I girl can dream, right?  

  9. # Anonymous Angel.B

    yess i agree fernando torres is very good lookin but why hate on the girlfriend she didnt do anything wrong. ya maybe she looks mad all the time probably becuz shes doesnt like the papparazzi and is not used to the cameras like fernando.And looks arent everything theres more to a person than beauty. but if things dont work out fernando u now who to call.

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yeah. Olalla isn't so pretty. So WTF is Torres doing with her? Have you ever thought about that they got together BEFORE he was famous? And maybe he likes her for her personality? .. I have thought about that, but still. No, Torres. You deserve better..  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ele é LINDOOO

    fernando torres <3  

  12. # Anonymous FT-1 and only...:-[*]|_-\

    i no she looks unhappy wherever she is- when she is in england she is unhappy
    when she is on holiday in america she is unhappy
    she just seems a little ungreatful-she should be used to the cameras by now i mean theres quite alot of photots of her she needs to get over it -hes hot she lucky but doesn't understand a million and 1 girls would give up everything for him!!!!!  

  13. # Anonymous Becky

    God what is with the hot footballers. Fair enuff they are bound to have girlfriends but y do they have to be quite ugly. Like Cristiano Ronaldo his girlfriend was ugly. And Fernando's is always angry. They are the hottest footballers in football. They deserve better.!!!  

  14. # Anonymous Jessica- Torres is sexy :P

    OMG i am so jealous of her.. like she has my dream man but i dont no why people are saying shes never happy coz if you type her in on google there is a pic of her smiling!he could do much better but i suppose its not all about looks its about personality so she must be a nice person.. oh well fernando if you ever spilt up with her you no you can always be mine <3 lol  

  15. # Anonymous Annie

    Yeah so... I have seen a lot of pictures with them and still - no signs of improvement. I mean, look at those new pics from their vacation. She's in a 5 star hotel with one of the most wanted guys in the world and what does she do? She plays cards with him. Not exactly a fan of poker, but honey, I would at least play strip poker with him!
    I don't like it when people say she is "down-to-earth". She shouldn't be. He is godly, so why should she be normal?!
    I really say this from all my heart: I would rather see Fernando gay, with Sergio Ramos, than with her. At least Sergio is HOT. And he smiles.  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ungrateful bitch. torres ditch her thers plenty more girls for u!! and i wanna be like u :D care to meet up n play sum footy?? XD  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm no body language expert but every pic i see of them they look unhappy and really distant towards each other, they both look like they have got other things on their mind. Even the pool pic where they are cuddling in miami his face doesn't look like he wants to hug her? This relationship wont last gals he's a hot man who neds a hot woman and she's freezing in his league, i dont know the girl and wont diss her but someone needs to teach her how to smile, i mean look at cheryl and ashley she's stunning and he's handsome and despite their problems they are really happy together when you see them in pictures. They broke up once b4 and they'll break up again, relationships like that dont last long if theres been a break in it. Get a scouse woman fernando we are all gorgeous and know how to make a hot man like you SMILE. Why have plain dull ham at home when you can go out to the clubs in Liverpool and find prime steak?? Maybe its just a phase but am sure he'll do the right thing when he's ready he's only young and if all else fails you can come n find me cos if i ever get a photo taken whilst in your company i'd be grinnin like the cheshire cat every time!!!  

  18. # Blogger torres biggest fan

    Fernando torres is the fittest guy on earth he is an awsome player and the best. He is playing 4 da best teams ever aswell Liverpool and Spain well done he is so sexy luv ya loads torres shannon x x x x x x x  

  19. # Anonymous fernando's biggest admirer lover in da whole world!!!!!

    what da hell is he doin wid dat gurl!!!! he can get a gurl whoz 100000000....... times better than her...
    she is wid da hottest sexiest guy on earth whoz da best footballer ever n she doesnt luk happy!!!!
    i think fernando should dump her as soon as possible......
    coz hez da best n he roxxxxx!!!!!!!
    luv him unconditionally forever......  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    come on guys. she's not that bad. she is nando's childhood sweetheart. there must be something about her.  

  21. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey!!What's wrong with him???He's the most handsome man among football stars!!!!She's too small and not beatiful!!Maybe she's very good as a person!!Anyway I'm very upset because of this facT!!!  

  22. # Anonymous Jasmine

    Seriously girls, stop hating on the poor girlfriend just coz ur all jealous!
    Nice to see a change from the orange skinned, silicone enhanced WAGs we're used to seeing..

    Millions in the bank and he's shopping at Next!love it!x  

  23. # Anonymous Anonymous

    OMG she must be tha lukiest lass on tha planet she lukin so misrable Fernando Torres is prpa georgeous !!!!!!!!! I wanna b her xxxxxx  

  24. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Lurv yooh Fernando Torres xxxx  

  25. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ok ok i admit HES FITT!!!
    and yes im jealous of his girlfriend
    but god what has she ever done to youuuu??!?!
    no need 2 be horrible
    and remember peoples NO ONE IS UGLY!!!!
    and people dont look at preetyness these days they look at personality 2
    and they probably wanna keep their relationship "under-cover" thats probably why theres never been a shot of them two kissin

    i shoulve been a 24 year old spanish women from madrid!!!


  26. # Anonymous Anonymous

    she is so miserable and she is having his babi and gettibng marred to him btw wat dus she do 4 a job && I HOPE THT the babi isnt his they spilt up and we all get a chance wif sexy torres s=xox  

  27. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I don't know what's wrong with some of you.
    You don't even know her maybe she is nice and anyways she has pictures where she smiles on.  

  28. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Fernando Torres is the hottest guy on the planet he could do a million times better she isnt bad looking but ive seen a lot of better looking women we all love you fernando xxx  

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